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What and how does Broker Approved CE work for Consultative Sales Online Training for Real Estate?
Licensees are required to complete 18 clock hours of continuing education every two years. Up to 6 hours can be “broker approved training”. Whether live or on-line, Broker Approved Training requires that the “EMPLOYING BROKER”– for the agent, fill out and submit to the provider of the training a “NOTICE OF TRAINING SCHEDULING” form. Click here to download forms for the courses you are seeking Employing Broker approval from.
Introduction to Consultative Selling is a free trial and not eligible for broker approved hours. If you are not certain of who your “EMPLOYING BROKER” is, go to to “License and Applicant Search”, your employing broker is listed with your name.
This form MUST be submitted to Amy Chesley at SCC( prior to starting on-line sessions. You must allow SCC to submit the form to the commission at least 48 hours in advance, Monday – Friday. In some instances, your “Employing Broker” may have already approved the course—during the registration process there will be a drop down menu for you to see if that particular course has received prior approval, if not follow the process formerly described above. If questions, call (402-437-2709 or 436-3308).